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Hiking Reborn: Creating Immersive Brand Experience



Outdoor Apparel


Voice of Consumer
Concept Development & Testing
Campaign Development & Execution
Trend Analysis and Forecasting

Research Methodology

Ethnographic Observation & Interview


As The North Face was about to launch its 50th anniversary campaign, Brandnographer’s goal was to decipher consumers’ opinions on hiking to develop a compelling campaign that could bring a new light, not only to The North Face’s products, but also to hiking itself.

The Challenge

For many people, traditional hiking conflicts with their modern lifestyle. It is often associated with negative connotations; such as inconvenient, distant, lonesome and a harrowing experience.

The North Face, a leading brand in the mountaineering apparel and equipment industry, engaged Brandnographer to help transform consumers’ opinion. They wanted to create a positive perception of hiking, while developing an all-encompassing campaign that captured fast-moving consumer needs and trends.

Our Solution

Wanting to transcend the typical marketing campaign, The North Face and Brandnographer worked closely to identify the right angle for the brand’s anniversary campaign. The intention of the campaign was to increase consumers’ purchase intention for the 3 pillar products.

Brandnographer employed an ethnographic approach; interviewing young hikers and non-hikers in China. By doing so, the target was to understand the key visual and in-store concepts, as well as to provide a consumer driven recommendation on which path to pursue.


Brandnographer delivered key insights that helped The North Face to reshape and transform consumers’ perceptions towards the brand, the product, and the activity hiking, redefining outdoor activities, apparel and footwear in China.



The North Face’s outdoor gear market share


Annual revenue growth


Revenue in entire APAC region

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