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Powering User Engagement for Philips Smart Lighting



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Consumer Journey Mapping
Cultural and Behavioural Insights
Consumer Segmentation & Targeting
Trend Analysis and Forecasting
Product Design & Strategy

Research Methodology

Ethnographic Observation & Interview
Co-creation Workshop


Philips Lighting asked Brandnographer to explore both connected and non-connected lighting devices with a focus on consumers’ decision journey.

The Challenge

Seeing the idle business opportunity in China and an opportunity for growth in the proliferation of technologies, Philips wanted to seize a considerable market share.

As the lighting space remains a fragmented market, with top players, like Philips contributing less than 20% of the market shares, there was ample potential. Brandnographer was invited to work with Philips Lighting to envisage and visualize the consumer journey.

Our Solution

Targeting the promising lighting market, Brandnographer was tasked with collecting fresh consumer stories, concrete insights and user cases in China.

Brandnographer examined the customer journey of several product categories and turned them into actionable insights; providing inspiration and guidance for future propositions, for both indoor and outdoor, bulbs, luminaires and connected solutions.

In order to help Philips Lighting target the right consumers and categories, Brandnographer conducted a series of 2 workshops and 4-weeks’ activities with over 300 early adopters and mainstream consumers of Philips Lighting products, spread across Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in Mainland China.


Brandnographer was able to help activate the business plan in different touchpoints through in-depth understanding of the behaviors and preferences of the consumer decision journey. A bottom-up approach helped to further identify the use cases that were the most relevant for Chinese consumers.


1.3 M

Lives improved


Sales in China

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