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Supporting Pernod Ricard’s Chinese market entry



Food & Beverage


Brand & Communication Strategy
Product Design & Strategy

Research Methodology

Ethnographic Observation & Interview
Focus Group


Brandnographer was tasked to help Pernod Ricard understand the China market, including essential Chinese values and standard consumer segments.

The Challenge

To ensure a sustainable business growth, Pernod Ricard introduced a value segment whiskey to China. It was imperative to identify a core consumer segment amongst China’s diverse middle class, that would not only approve of the offering’s flavor profile, but would be able to embrace the brand as an aspect of the consumer segment’s lifestyle.

Our Solution

Brandnographer identified strategic options through focus groups and ethnographic occasion visits. The team was able to build a solid understanding of Chinese consumers’ drinking behavior with a focus on identifying typical patterns among the potential target audiences.


Having uncovered consumers’ unmet needs regarding alcohol consumption and potential opportunities for non-premium western spirits, Brandnographer was able to identify drivers of new product appeals, and provided directions to Pernod Ricard on how to optimize future product and communication designs.


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