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Reinventing the future of Asian’s Life at Home through Smart Living



Home Living


Consumer Journey Mapping
Cultural and Behavioural Insights
User Scenario Mapping
Experience Design & Strategy
Trend Analysis and Forecasting

Research Methodology

Ethnographic Observation & Interview
Life Immersion
Expert Interview
Co-creation Workshop
Design Thinking for Innovation


Working with IKEA, Brandnographer explored the future of Asians’ life at home, pinpointing their daily needs in and outside of their homes, to create better products and better homes.

The Challenge

Consumers of different cultures and lifestyles often focus on a varying range of pain points to improve life at home. Over the years, IKEA has built an extensive knowledge based around creating functional and practical furniture for homes. However, with rapid changes of global consumers’ needs, IKEA had to go above and beyond to recognize and understand home furnishing solutions and market trends that would make everyday life more meaningful and specific for people in Asia.

Brandnographer was invited to shed off preconceptions in order to discover the pain points of consumers in Asia. This would allow Brandnographer to generate actionable insights for future range and product development that met the needs of Asian customers.

Our Solution

Leveraging professional and deep-seated knowledge in Asian markets, Brandnographer was able to cover a wide range of APAC consumers and what they deemed to be their ideal home situation; a spacious home and a healthy and easy way to maintain it.

Having collected insights from China to Korea, Japan to Mumbai, Brandnographer explored the out-and-out user journey of Asian countries, uncovering touchpoints individual and unique to their cultural experience.

To fully understand consumer’s needs in the APAC region, Brandnographer applied the Life immersion© methodology. Brandnographer’s proprietary methodology is a systematic design thinking process which creates a set of compelling future scenarios, alongside the development of a detailed innovation roadmap and actionable playbook.Brandnographer team carried out more than 24 home immersions spanning over 7 days, interactive work sessions, and 2 expert interviews per city helped Brandnographer build a portfolio of user scenarios for home furnishing solutions.


Brandnographer strove to tell a story through IKEA’s design principles and what they stand for – in a distinct and appealing way. Brandnographer discovered key insights and opportunities across 9 business areas for IKEA’s next range of products.



New stores opened in Asia


Global retail sales

> 2,000

New products launched

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