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Asian Gamer’s Smart Payment and Monetisation Strategy





Cultural and Behavioural Insights
Consumer Segmentation & Targeting
Experience Design & Strategy

Research Methodology

Ethnographic Observation & Interview
Focus Group
Quantitative Survey


Brandnographer was asked to identify and define customer segmentation for Google Play, to find new opportunities in their Korea and Taiwan markets that could deliver scalable growth.

The Challenge

Google Play, the mobile app service distribution giant has been serving the Android market for over a decade. In 2016, they wanted to formulate regional marketing strategies specific for their Asian users. Moreover, conventional user statistics such as expenditure, usage time and app popularity are insufficient to guide formulation of actionable growth strategies.

To stay ahead of the market, it was essential for Google Play to understand their users, from their mindsets and motivations, to external factors and influences shaping their gaming and purchasing habits. Brandnographer was brought on board to conduct a robust monetization strategy through understanding gamers. By uncovering users’ behavior and mentalities, we defined the market segments and personas, identified their sizes, prioritised the multiple target groups and identified best entry points for outreach and activation, which are pivotal for Google Play to build their service ecosystem later.

Our Solution

Brandnographer approached the study with both qualitative and quantitative research. Through focus groups and in-depth interviews, Brandnographer explored, gathered and summarised a set of hypothetical persona segments. Later these persona segments were expanded to define the distinctive characteristics of each personas by their attitudes, motivations, demographics, lifestyles and gaming habits and choices.


The team did not stop at personas research and defining, but also explored winning features and success factors in the transverse study, pinpointing the most influential key touchpoints, optimising the visual presence for Google Play’s games, helping to develop their marketing strategies and drive acquisition results.



Google Play’s gaming revenue


Available apps in Google Play store


Continuous growth in gaming app revenue

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