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Partnering with BD China to Reinvent Hospital Blood Testing Process



Healthcare & Biopharmaceuticals


Consumer Journey Mapping
Experience Design & Strategy
Service Design Strategy

Research Methodology

Ethnographic Observation & Interview
Expert Interview


Brandnographer was asked to explore and reengineer the future healthcare process strategies and to help streamline the entire service design of patients’ journey through the process of blood testing – from entering the hospital, getting a queue ticket, the waiting room, testing the blood, and the payment process.

The Challenge

The best healthcare solutions take into account the intersection of technology, services, patients’ needs and business opportunities. New developments in technology and patients’ needs require pharmaceutical companies to innovate and reimagine business models in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Brandnographer was asked to investigate to what extent such service strategies can and will be integrated into the pharmaceutical business model. Brandnographer was brought on board to help streamline the entire service design of a patients’ journey through the process of blood testing.

Our Solution

Brandnographer found that value-added services alongside products could be used as a means to improve health outcomes and provide a competitive advantage, a strategy currently being explored by many pharmaceutical companies.


Brandnographer was able to deliver insights for the ‘Beyond the Pill’ study, where humanizing, standardizing, messaging and automation could be incorporated into a framework to integrate the business model for the pharmaceutical industry.



Key opportunities uncovered

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