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Digitalising AIA's Automated Submission Solution



Finance & Insurance


Voice of Consumer
Consumer Journey Mapping
Consumer Segmentation & Targeting
Digital Strategy and Transformation

Research Methodology

Ethnographic Observation & Interview


Brandnographer worked with AIA to create digital offerings that would resonate with their audiences and facilitate the claiming process.

The Challenge

Emerging technologies like AI, blockchain and VR are forcing traditional insurers like AIA to innovate at a rapid pace in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Savvy customers expect tech-driven services that profoundly affect how traditional life insurance companies operate.

Brandnographer was tasked to help AIA gain a deeper understanding of its consumers’ goals and needs before, during and after purchasing life insurance. Brandnographer also helped to uncover the technologies that AIA’s consumers typically use to engage and how technology impacts their purchase and maintenance experience.

Our Solution

To help AIA create a digital offering that would resonate with audiences, Brandnographer conducted a series of in-home interviews across 3 major Asian cities: Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Participants were observed in an in-home assessment and their behaviour was recorded during a set of prepared tasks related to each touchpoint of the decision making process.

By gaining insight through consumer pain points that contributed to disconnection with the agents, Brandnographer was able to help the AIA design team build more engaging digital products.


Through establishing an understanding of the purchase process as well as the associated touchpoints before, during and after a purchase, Brandnographer was able to deliver the research findings to the design team and provide rich feedback from actual users in order to inform the design phase. AIA’s design team was able to leverage the insights generated by the segment personas to develop a prototype for digitally innovative products.


> 70%

New businesses submitted through AIA’s iPoS


Hong Kong and China’s market operating profit

↑ 20%

Total revenue increase

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